Scobamat, a quality wise leading, worldwide implemented board of Swiss origin for various appliances.


Scobamat HD (heavy duty)

is the strongest ground reinforcement mat for a wide range of applications, namely for airplanes and vehicles in the heavy duty sector as well as the installation of building site equipment. The workable range of temperatures reaches from -55°C up to +80° C. Although only 5mm thick, Scobamat HD has a sensational compressive strength of 350t/sqm.


Scobamat MD (medium duty)

though the weight being less than 7kg/sqm, it has been developed for landing operations of any kind as well as for rescue actions, firefighting and, as a general item, in difficult terrain all within a temperature range reaching from -50° C up to +80° C. The compressive strength goes up to 350t/sqm. On demand a fluorescent substance can be integrated.


Scobamat LD (light duty)

is made for walkways and event platforms. One of its main criteria is a anti-slip effect. The weight of the boards is less than 6kg/sqm and thus facilitates a comfortable handling by only one person. Temperatures of -20° C up to +80° C weigh positively on its scope of applications.


For further details please contact us for eventual evaluations with Scobamat AG.